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Our Classrooms are organized in different areas, each with its own purposes. Each area is structured so the child moves in order from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract.



Activities are designed to teach the child how to deal with the real world environment. Activities such as pouring, cutting, and pasting, tying shoes, manners will help the child with a sense of order, coordination, independence, and concentration.



Language exercises train the child to focus on sounds of letters and words.The first introduction the child will trace the letter say what the letter is, and repeat the sound that the letter makes. These skills will grow into reading and writing activities. Our language program provides activities that stimulate all aspects of a child's development. Special emphasis is placed on phonics and phonemics awareness. Writing also plays an important role in preschool from pre-writing skills to creative writing.



Mathematics is based on practical daily applications with "hands on" approach. The ability to understand concepts and organize math information is an important focus. We begin with numeration, the decimal system, and geometry. We learn to count 1-100 we also count by 10's. Graphing, and adding and subtracting is part of our daily routine. We teach the children the value of the numbers. The classroom starts with concrete materials and gradually moves towards abstract. Preschool science is an inquiry based, child-centered curriculum. Experiences appropriate to the student's developmental levels are used as a way of investigating. The children use units designed to gain awareness of the scientific methods of observing, comparing, organizing, and applying learned principles.



The mission would be to bring mindfulness to children by helping them embrace their full potential and live their lives with joy, knowing that the world holds great wonders for them and that they have great gifts to share with the world.




Dance helps the children with large motor skills to teach them balance, exercise and most of all to have fun!




We will introduce the children to a different sport every month. The children will learn the fundamentals of sports and sportsmanship.










We are confident that you will find our school is committed to making your child's first preschool experience a great one by providing age appropriate activities! All staff meet's the state's educational requirements and higher standards set by the school. All staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid procedures.

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