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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Toddler Program

Our Toddler Option Program starts at the age of 18 months. Our program is designed to promote the development of the child's full potential. We incorporate sensory, cognitive, and motor skills by incorporating music, and movement.  The toddlers have their own playground that is designed with age appropriate toys to stimulate the mind and body. The playground is enhancing for toddlers to enjoy the outdoors and strengthen their large motor skills. Potty training is important to our program. The teachers encourage the children to use the potty by taking them to the restroom. Our loving and experienced staff will provide a loving and nurturing environment for the children to grow, succeed, and excel!

​2-Year Old Preschool Class

 Children will be introduced to academics through play; we use toys, music, and movement. The children will learn to take turns and socialize and communicate with others. The 2-year old class will be introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Children do not need to be potty trained to enter our program. We assist with potty training.

​3-Year Old Preschool Class

Children will be introduced to age appropriate preschool academics.  We teach in English and  Spanish and do a complete dual emergent program. Through the use of centers, music, activities, and worksheets. The children in the 3-year old class will learn in a two-fold approach: oral and visual instruction. They will be introduced to the alphabet and the sounds, numbers, colors, and shapes. The children will learn how to identify their name by seeing it throughout the classroom and will learn to write their own name. Academics will be taught using playful methods and a fun filled theme. Language skills and verbal expression is emphasized by the use of learning centers, and interactive play.

Transitional Kindergarten Class

Our four and five year old classes will enjoy preschool academics in a threefold approach; Oral, visual, and written instruction. We teach in English and Spanish and do a complete dual emergent program. The children will develop age appropriate critical thinking skills. Children are making choices in various learning centers that challenge them to learn. Math, letter recognition, art and music experience, science experiments, rhythem and movement, small and large motor development, along with strong emphasis on social skills are found daily in the classroom. They will learn how to count identify numbers and practice writing their names. They will play academic games that allow them to categorize and sequence, and grasp advanced concepts. They will be learning more responsibility and structure in their hands on learning environment.

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